About Prime Short Term Credit

We are a premiere collateralized lending platform designed to provide short term credit for building asset-based investment strategies. We work with experts in real-estate development, business development and other lending opportunities to help these individuals (or businesses) grow their asset-based portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions

buildings Each individual business must provide assets for every short term credit opportunity that we provide. This translates into “collateralized lending”: Prime Short Term Credit offers the financial backing to help a business grow, provided that they have one or more types of collateral:

  • Real Estate
  • Business Lending
  • Commercial Development
  • Other Collateral or Equipment
  • Transaction Financing

Home ownership provides security for individuals to build an investment over a lifetime. However, the ways that new generations buy homes has evolved:

  • Looking for walk-in-ready homes
  • Convenient locations in a good neighborhood
  • Modern amenities and up-to-date features/colors

These considerations make house-flipping attractive for experienced renovators offering:
  • High returns
  • Short term credit financing

Taking care of home maintenance and changes on your primary home may be worthwhile for small projects (painting, landscaping, etc). DIY projects can be risky:

Concentration Risk You will only be able to work on one property at a time, with all your own financing at risk.
Lack of Experience You will need to rely on experts for more complicated tasks. Sourcing top-quality contractors can be tricky unless you already have a rolodex of contacts ready to go.
Time Consuming When this is a secondary project, it will take far longer than anticipated, especially when you run into issues beyond your expertise.

As an experienced company with a wealth of opportunities, we have minimized the challenges that individuals face with the prospect of house-flipping:

Broad Risk Taking on everything from business lending, commercial rental properties to individual homes, we are positioned to weather many changes in the real estate market with a broad portfolio.
Vast Experience Drawing on multiple operators to renovate properties, we have a plethora of experience in various renovation opportunities.
Breadth of Assets Using our large portfolio of assets allows us to leverage additional financing if needed.

More Information

Technically short term credit falls under a few different offerings:

Collateralized Traditional collateral (home, equipment, business) is put into the contract.
Cashflow For rental units or businesses, using the cashflow as collateral provides the assurance that the financing will be paid back appropriately.
Credit Line Financing for qualified individuals or businesses with a history of top-quality repayment.

Each project starts with the Partnership Lifecycle

  1. Operator Approval:
    • NDA required
    • Standard background checks: W2, drivers license, bank reference
    • Experience & expertise
  2. Property Appraisal & Diligence:
    • Appraisals from Operator and Prime
    • Analysis of any cash-flows
    • Title search and closure
  3. Project Scope & Use of Funds:
    • Timeline
    • Architecture review
    • List of contractors/vendors
    • Measure & manage
  4. Closure & Transfer:
    • Punchlist
    • Separation/transfer docs
    • Sale closure
Partnership Lifecycle

Each project starts with the Partnership Lifecycle

  • Primary-Owner
    • Provides financing
    • Leverages assets to build portfolio
    • Builds new relationships
    • Primary driver is monthly interest
  • Secondary-Operator
    • Finds properties in growing markets
    • Assesses opportunities for viability
    • Manages or performs renovations
    • Primary driver is total return
Relationship between owner, operator, and partners.